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Wind sleeve
The wing sleeve at the top of the 'Kingswood Hall'



Water tank
Large rustic water tank
The following photos show the remains of the water system that once supplied the hospital. In the early days the acquisition of the sole water rights ensured the use of the high level spring water for supply by gravitation to the needs of the Asylum. In addition, a storage reservoir for 800,000 gallons of water was constructed at the highest levels of the site.


Water cottage
Derelict building at the hill of the site...

Water tank
...this is the inside of the above building. A large water tank and a motor pump still remains.



Wadsley Church
Wadsley Church...and the hospital forgotten patients
This is the open-clear section of land within the Church yard where a
license was granted for the exclusive burials of patients from the hospital. There are several hundred souls buried here today, but sadly, no stone or memorial was ever erected to mark their identity. This burial ground for the unclaimed patients was a very cost effective solution for an ever increasing problem, in Victorian times it was very unwise to make it public that you had a loved one in the Asylum as madness was consider to bring disgrace or shame to the family, and on that basis alone many people were simply left there. — Many patients had simple ceremonies only attended by a member of the Clergy and a lone gravedigger...

Patient's burial ground

Patient's burial ground
...this could be a marker indicating the limits of the large burial section of land where the nameless patients lay in eternal rest.



Kingswood building
"Kingswood Hall" in summer 2008.  (Photo: Ian Slater)



Key Lodge
The back of the "Key Lodge"



New Houses
The new houses on the site.



Wadsley Asylum
"South Yorkshire Asylum 1878"



Clock tower



Water fountain
Water feature situated in front of the converted "Kingswood Hall"



Entrance to "Kingswood Hall"
Entrance to "Kingswood Hall"



Main door to the "Kingswood Hall" building.



View from Kingswood building
Looking outwards from the main entrance of "Kingswood Hall"



January 2010
Winter in January 2010.



War memorial
Wharncliffe war memorial at Wadsley Church, dedicated to the soldiers who died at the hospital during First World War.



The hospital site in winter
January 2010.



Entrance to hospital site
'Wadsley Park Village' is the new name given to the former hospital site.



January 2010
Winter in January 2010



Rare tree
Protected tree?
A rare type of tree to be seen at the present day is a Ginkgo or Maidenhair tree growing in front of the central administration block. It is described as a species which alone has survived the millions of years, and although familiar in the Far East, is very rare in Great Britain.



The new entrance to the former hospital
Main entrance to 'Wadsley Park Village' on Middlewood Road.


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