Middlewood today. 2009

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Middlewood Lodge
The former administration building is now called 'Middlewood Lodge'


'Glenwood Mews' Road
This new Road is called 'Glenwood Mews'


The 'Key Lodge'
The 'Key Lodge', now converted into a day nursery.


The new face of the clock tower
The clock of the former Administration building. On the face of the clock you will clearly see ' Urban-i 2008'. This
is the name of the developer who converted the building into apartments.


'Middlewood Lodge'
'Middlewood Lodge' and its beautiful surroundings


The church of the hospital still in a state of slow neglect.


Some of the original cast-iron railings. Now only a few remain.


Gate to farm fields
This gate still standing today, it was once the entrance to the hospital's farm fields.
It is situated on Stockarth Lane and now entrance to a private residential drive.


New Roads and the Clock Tower
The historical clock tower, still a prominent landmark in the area.


'Middlewood Lodge' in 2009
The gated 'Middlewood Lodge' now with a 24hr CCTV alarm system


Main entrance to hospital
The remains of the original entrance to the hospital.


The church behind the trees
The new roads on the site. Just behind the tall trees is the Church of the hospital.


Brick pillars
These two brick pillars marked the entrance to 'Middlewood Lodge'.
The rounded top parts of the pillars are original features that once stood at the main entrance of the hospital.


Kingswood Hall
The Kingswood building is now home to 84 prestigious apartments.


Original cast-iron fences 
These are the historic remains of fences that once surrounded the main entrance to the hospital.
They are now rotting away next to Middlewood Road.


Main entrance
The right side of the main entrance to 'Wadsley Park Village' on Middlewood Road


The lonely drive to the 'Lodge'
The driveway to 'Middlewood Lodge'


The grounds of the hospital
After the major redevelopment of the site, the serenity of the grounds still remains today.


The gothic-style church. Now in serious deterioration.
Currently on the roof, a huge gaping hole (arrow) big enough for a car to go through. Water penetrating the interior of the building may cause substantial structural damage.


Church noticeboard
The church's noticeboard.


Old trees
The new houses on the site, now living next to the old trees of the hospital.


Old rusty wheelchair
If this rusty old wheelchair could talk. What stories would it tell us?


Hand railings
Hand railings next to a footpath at the back of the 'Kingswood Hall'


South Yorkshire Asylum
'South Yorkshire Asylum' engraved at the top of the 'Key Lodge'. The building has now been converted into a day nursery.


Old water system
Parts of the old water system that once fed the hospital.


Cast-iron gate
Cast-iron gate.


The 'Key Lodge'. Built 1877
This is the year the 'Key Lodge' was built. Now a day nursery


Kingswood Hall
The 'Kingswood Hall' is probably one of the largest residential listed building in the area.


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