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The Transport Department of the Hospital in 1961



« Mr A. W. Hadfield Esq.
     Transport Department Manager.

Mr. Hadfield, affectionately known as Abe, is a Derbyshire man, born at Hathersage, where his father ran a haulage contractors business. He served with the Royal signals in the First World War in France and Belgium. Mr & Mrs Hadfield have four fine sons. His hobbies are gardening (What a splendid gardener he is), dogs and motoring.

He came to Middlewood 32 years ago (When Dr. Vincent was Medical Superintendent) to work in the engine room and as auxiliary wagon driver. 1942 saw the commencement of the transport department with Mr. Hadfield appointed as mechanic. For the next 6 years, the transport department was the responsibility of Mr Beaumont, Mr Seed and Mr Petty respectively. When the National Health Service was inaugurated in 1948, Mr Hadfield was appointed manager of the transport department.

Mr Hadfield has been actively interested in the sports club from its inception and has served on the executive as a Vice-chairman for several years. In his younger days he was a keen player of badminton, cricket and bowls and was secretary of the bowls section of the sports club for a considerable time.




Mr Hadfield and his staff
Mr A. W. Hadfield (Sitting in middle) and his staff.


Ambulance serviceLaundry Services











LoadingTransporting Visitors











Fleet and personnel



MaintenanceCollecting Refuse










Delivering Bread                              Unloading Provisions

All above photographs taken by Bill Sands.

The department of transport was an establishment of 11 people, including drivers and mechanics and a fleet of 14 vehicles of all types, including ambulances, a motor coach, cars, lorries, and specially adapted vehicles. Additionally it maintains a number of farm and garden machines, including agricultural tractors.
As well as providing a day and night ambulance service for all the hospitals under the Sheffield No 2 Hospital Management Committee, it supplies all the other transport facilities required by such a large group of hospitals.

The transport department is a compact unit excellently run by Mr Hadfield’s genial and expert supervision and is a credit to staff, not only for the quality and smartness of its vehicles, but also for the courtesy of its personnel who are called upon to cope with a variety of people and situations demanding the wisdom of a Solomon and the patient of a job.



The Laundry Department of the Hospital in 1963

Charles Leslie Jones



 «Charles Leslie Jones
   Laundry Manager

Born at Shiregreen, Sheffield, and educated at Firth Park Grammar School. Mr Jones has spent all his life in the laundry trade. In former years he worked for the Co-operative Society in Leicester, York and Sheffield. Since his coming to Middlewood in 1950, the laundry has undergone a complete modernisation. It has a staff of 50 females and washes and finishes approximately 45.000 articles a week, serving the needs of nine hospitals within one group and one outside. It undertakes daily big and difficult task and conscientiously endeavours to serve all its customers with civility and geniality.

Mr Jones until recently was an active sportsman, now his favourite pastimes are motoring and reading, specially travel books. A founder member of the church of England Men’s Society, and a keen worker for the Ecclesfield. Parish Church, Mr Jones is married with two daughters, the elder is nursing in Ipswich, and the younger one is still at school.





Unloading the washing machineLaundry staff










Laundry ladyLaundry staff











Sorting laundryHappy faces











The washing machine room


Laundry ladies


Laundry staff


Pressing laundry


Meet some of the staff from the Laundry Sewing Room in 1963

The workroom is run by ladies with additional help from a number of female patients. They are responsible for making all nurses uniforms, ward curtains, all repairs to bedding and men’s shirts, as well as many other extras. It provides an excellent service to all hospitals within the group.

Sewing room staff
(L to R) Mrs E. Marsden, Mrs I. Cartledge, Mrs S. Broad, Miss I. Chambers and Mrs L. Robinson.


Miss Ida Chambers
This is Miss Ida Chambers, the Workroom Mistress since 1942 at her desk.


The sewing room in action
This is the sewing room in action.

All photos and illustrations on this Webpage extracted from the 'Contact' Middlewood magazine of year 1961 and 1963. It was provided by Eric and Doreen Crowther, both worked at the Hospital and have some lovely memories of the place.


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