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Kingswood building
This is the magnificent Kingswood building in 1992 when it was completely vacant.   Photo: Luis Arroyo


Kingswood Building
Another view of the Kingswood Building in 1992.  Photo: Luis Arroyo


The Kingswood building is a Victorian Grade II listed building dating back to 1878. The following images show some aspect of the conversion work by PJ Livesey Group, a company with a track record in the conversion of period properties. The site is set in mature woodland, adjacent to the City's adopted green belt. Today there are over 500 new houses within the hospital site. The Kingswood building accommodates 85 new prestigious apartments.   All photos below supplied by Steve Taylor of PJ Livesey

Arch windows                            Interior of building



Wrought iron supports                          Workmen in the conversion of the building



This is the top floor of the new Kingswood building                   Roof area



Windows                Gable end



The underfloor of Kingswood                          The top floor of the building



Men at work                          The rear of the building



Kingswood Building



Rear view           Drilling man



This is the rear of the building            Most of the conversion work now completed



The front view of the building






The 'twin tower's of the Kingswood Building                                        Photo: Luis Arroyo



Photo by Ian Slater
Photo: Ian Slater

The name Middlewood originally comes from an old wood. A charter written in 1350 refers to the land lying between 'Medel Woddle' and the park of Waddesley.


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