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This is Bill Shuck
This is Bill Shuck a nurse teacher at Middlewood for many years.
This picture was taken by Howard Bottom in his office in the Nurse Education Centre in March 1978.

A tribute to William Shuck by Howard Bottom
Bill started life as a Charge Nurse, and progressed to the school of nursing at the hospital to fill in a gap when Principle Tutor became unavailable. Several years later, he was doing such a fine job that he was asked to stay. He taught many classes of student nurses including my own, and when I qualified as a teacher, he became a wonderful and supportive colleague. This is particularly classical image of Bill, who loved his pipe, and a cup of tea at his desk, when he was not treading the boards in class in front of a group of students.
He was well liked by all who knew him and it was sad that shortly after he retired, he developed a terminal illness and died, having had only three years of retirement. This picture taken in his office in the Nurse Education Centre, is for me a lasting image of a good man. Howard Bottom May 2009.


This is Bill Shuck retirement party held in the new Nurse Education Centre of the Hospital. March 1978.
All photographs taken by Howard Bottom.

Bill  ShuckDuring speech








(Left pict.) Bill Shuck with Frank Canny (black tie). The lady on right in background is Judy Seaman. (Right pict.) Frank Canny makes a deserved speech.


The lady in red is Bill's wifeBill listening to K. B. Jones








(Left pict.) The lady in red is Bill's wife called Winifred, talking to Frank and Bill.   (Right pict.) Bill listening to K. B. Jones.


Tony Gilroy in the middle of this pictureStudents








(Left pict.) This is the late Tony Gilroy (Middle man) with students.   (Right pict.) Students who knew Bill's teaching


Tony and Bill               Son and mother with Brian Holford
(Left) Tony thanks Bill for his services  (Right) John Shuck (Son) and mother with Brian Holford a teacher.


Frank and Bill                Student and Bill
Frank with Bill and flower presentation from a student on his retirement.


People drinking during retirement partyMrs Iyenga








Students having a drink and Mrs Iyenga, Deputy Director of Education.


Bill talking to students
Bill addresses a student group.

Many thanks to Howard Bottom for providing the above images and tribute words to Bill Shuck.


HOWARD BOTTOM was a nurse at the hospital between the years 1963 and 1970, during which time trained as a student, met her wife who also is a nurse and have wonderful memories of the place. The following article was written by Howard and includes some aspect of his training days at the hospital.

"I began working at Middlewood Hospital in 1963 as a cadet nurse. Having passed the entrance ‘test’ a few weeks beforehand, I started working in the departments which would form part of my future experience as a nurse. The surgical stores was my first placement. Here I learned about items ordered by the ward staff, and became familiar with many things that I would find myself using later on in my career. The male cadets had to wear a green smock coat, and grey trousers which were part of an outdoor suit, the accompanying grey jacket replacing the smock for outside wear. The girls however wore a pale blue uniform, with cuffs around the upper arm sleeves.

Before I could start training properly as a student nurse, cadets had to be 18 years old. When my time finally came, I joined the School of Nursing, situated on the upper floor above the clock tower entrance, overlooking the main driveway. Here along with my colleagues, now my friends, we studied a variety of subjects including anatomy and physiology, psychology and psychiatry, nursing and hygiene, the law and sociology. These were the foundation stones of a trained RMN. The tutor, Mr. Shuck, and later Mr. H Johnson, (Principle Tutor) shaped our ignorant minds into skilled and tactful carers of people who needed guidance to care for themselves.

Passing examinations is a tenet of a profession, and it was no exception in our case. Intermediate examinations after years training, a second year exam, and a final taken at another hospital in the country, where we had to know what we were doing because we were not familiar with the environment and equipment. Finally, I had passed all the examinations necessary to become a qualified Registered Mental Nurse, (RMN), and joining the wider profession by adding my name to the Register of Nurses held by the General Nursing Council for England and Wales. I cared for elderly, confused, patients and those who could not respond to treatment very well requiring continued care over many years.

Institutionalised patients who could not live outside the safety of the protective asylum. Acutely disturbed and violent patients who were dangerous at times. Excited or Depressed people, those with strange and bizarre behaviour and thoughts. All these on various wards and departments, where medication electric treatment, and psychology played a large part in the battle for survival against the ravages of mental disorder" Howard Bottom. May 2009.



car wash

Car Washing continues to provide excellent service for all those who wish to use it. Below you will find the scale of charges.
For a wash 3/-, for wash and polish, 6/-, with 1/- extra for vacuum cleaning the interior.
As before, the venue is the concrete square opposite the farm villa. It is advisable for staff to leave their ignition keys with the male nurse at the Farm Villa and pay there. The telephone is 318. If staff will leave their own number with the male nurse in charge, he will phone them when the vehicle is ready for removal.

This article & illustration was printed in the ‘Contact’ Middlewood magazine in 1971



Winners  Winning entries
These are the winners of the 'Annual Festival of Talent' in 1965 and some of their work. Other subjects covered in the festival were knitting, embroidery, cane work, dressmaking, rug making, lampshades, weaving, stool weaving, feltwork, photography, art, woodwork, tray, bed making, music, elocution, essay and dancing. Photo and information extracted from the Middlewood magazine of above year. Provided by Doreen and Eric Crowther.


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