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Mr John Walker
John Walker, Deputy Chief Male Nurse. Started work at Middlewood in 1956.

Mr Walker commenced his nursing career in 1934 at Coney Hatch Hospital, and after qualifying, left to do general nursing in 1938. However, the war came along and like so many others in the hospital service, he joined the R. A. M. C. and served during the whole of the war. He was concerned mainly with the development and field dressing stations and on D day he landed with the invasion forces with his headquarters on beaches. Eventually his unit was linked with the Canadian Echelon, which recaptured Dieppe. After the war he became Assistant Chief Male Nurse at Runwell Hospital.

Mr Walker has been planning for his retirement for several months now because he is at present engaged in building his own bungalow near Whitby, a task for which he is very well qualified, for in addition to his nursing skills. Mr Walker is also an expert woodworker, and is putting his talents in this direction to work on his new home.

Mr Nears, Principal Nurse Officer has expressed what a splendid help Mr Walker has been to him during term office at Middlewood hospital. We offer our best wishes to Mr Walker for the future. One thing will be obvious to all who know him, that he will be a very busy and useful one.

Photo & Information from the 'Contact' Middlewood magazine printed in 1970 and Supplied by Howard Bottom.


Day out for patients
A day out for the patients in Skegness in 1970. The nurse pushing the wheelchair is Charge Nurse Ron Dyett.
Photo taken from the 'Contact' Middlewood magazine. Supplied by Howard Bottom


Middlewood Hospital in 1970
This is the phenomenal size of the entire Middlewood hospital in 1970.
Facilities included:
Printing Unit
Concrete and car wash unit.
Entertainment Hall
Nurse Training headquarters.
Bowling Green.
Football Pitches.
Industrial Unit.
Patients Social Centre.
Staff Residences.
Hairdressing Salon.
Clothes Shop.
Also within the site an underground system of service tunnels and an underground water tank.
Illustration from the 'Contact' Middlewood magazine. Supplied by Howard Bottom


Middlewood Hospital KeysKey









These keys were used at Middlewood hospital in 1965. Photo taken by Howard Bottom.



Administration building
These three images are from the early 1970's taken by Pete Butterworth who worked at the hospital for approximately 10 years. Peter explained that wildlife within the grounds of the hospital was very much encouraged by staff and patients as "feeding the animals was a normal thing to do" in those days.

Hospital groundsHospital grounds










Administration Building
This is the back of the dilapidated Administration Block Building.  Photo taken by Mark Thain.



Dr F.T. Thorpe                                   Dr. F. T. Thorpe
Dr Frederick Thomas Thorpe. Medical Superintendent retires autumn 1964 after 37 years at Middlewood.

"Leaving hospital is quite an event both for patients and staff. During my long service on the medical staff, I have been privileged to see many happy faces of patients returning to their families after regaining health and peace of mind. This has been a continuous joy to me for invariably they have told me that the company and friendship of other patients and the kindness of nurse and doctors have helped them to recovery. Seeing and talking to patients with similar, or even worse, troubles than their own seemed to have helped them to overcome loneliness and private worries.

During my stay at Middlewood I have seen many members of staff leave hospital on retirement, and they all express profound regrets, for they have come to know their patients so well, and with a vital interest derived from personal daily contact.

And now it is my turn to retire, with my own personal regrets. Looking back over the years, I realise that Middlewood has been a very happy hospital, despite that many structural defects, now being improved. I leave therefore, with pleasant memories, and my good wishes go out to every patient, and my warm regards to all staff members and colleague."

F. T. Thorpe
Medical Superintendent
(Autumn 1964)


Nurses   Nurses
Nurses receiving their qualification in 1965. It was reported at the time that the previous year there was a high wastage of female students, nineteen of whom had to resign before completing their training, most because they had married. There was also concerned that although there was a low wastage among the male students, only four resigning during the same period, not enough men coming into the profession. Photo supplied by Doreen and Eric Crowther.


Mr Jones. Hospital Secretary
Mr Kenath Jones, Hospital Secretary in 1965.
Photo supplied by Doreen and Eric Crowther.


Arthur Jackson
This is the memorable day for Arthur Jackson outside Buckingham Palace in 1965.
Arthur and his wife with friend after receiving the O. B. E. Mr Jackson was part of the Senior Management of the hospital.


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