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This is the impressive front of the building
The 134 year old Administration building in April 2006.

The Administration Building was the first building to be constructed on the original site and had wards on either side separated into male or female. The upper floors became the Educational Centre for nurse cadets. The construction of the building commenced in summer 1869 and 'The South Yorkshire Asylum' was opened on 27th September 1872.

The 3-storey frontage of this building has a classical symmetrical facade and stone pilasters at the entrance. The main feature of the building is the clock tower, a stone-built structure which rises above the building and was formerly topped by circular clock faces visible on four sides.

A big credit to the Middlewood nurse who recorded these memorable images. What was once an iconic landmark and supposedly a listed building was left to crumble for a complete decay. In November 2003 a large house developer made an application to the local authority to demolish this building and to be replaced by 38 apartments.

All photos shown on this gallery taken in April 2006 and supplied by Hannah Isherwood.

Entrance to buildingSign










Personnel Dept.Arch










DoorsOvergrown grass










Corridor                             Broken window


Seat                           Stairs


Clock Tower                          Toilet area


Wall paint peelingAll Administrative Enquiries










Broken WindowsFire Exit










Service counterHair dryer










Clock Tower                          Underground storage facilities


Corridor                       Underground storage


Underground                   Gateway to underground compartment


Patient documentsBroken Window










Clock Tower

In March 2004 one of the country’s largest privately owned house builders was named and shamed by some furious Sheffield Councillors during a heated planning meeting. The developer which transformed the entire Middlewood site into the Wadsley Park Village with hundreds of new homes – was accused at the meeting of allowing historic buildings fall into disrepair and failing to stick to the original plan. When the developer first submitted plans for the site in the late 1990’s, it said the Administration Building was pivotal feature and would be converted. Councillors also accused the developer of deliberately allowing the building to deteriorate. During the meeting the developers were now saying that the Administration Block is derelict and should be demolished and replaced with 38 apartments.

All photos shown on this gallery taken in April 2006 and supplied by Hannah Isherwood.
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