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George retires
Article printed in the 'Middlewood Times' in 1992.


This is the retirement reception of George Hodgson and work colleagues in September 1992. The party was held in the Administration Building.
All photos and illustrations on this gallery supplied by George.

George and wifeGeorge











George's partyGeorge's party











George George











George and Catering staffGeorge











George and work matesGeorge and Catering manager











George and friendsSpeech






















George sitting downGeorge











George and Rev. John BrowningGeorge











George and work matesGeorge and House Keppers supervisors











George and Mr Jones


George at the Church of the Hospital
This is George and Jean Thompson at Middlewood Church. After his retirement George returned to the hospital to visit an exhibition celebrating the history of the place, this exhibition also marked the official closure of the Hospital.


Some background information about George Hodgson.
In his younger days George fought in ‘The Malayian Emergency 1948-1960’ and he is very proud to share the following photos.

George                    George

George was just 18 years when he joined the ‘King’s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry’.

George (first right)
George (first right).

George received just eight weeks army training and explained that the enemy was ruthless and determined.


100,000 British armed service’s personnel were involved in the conflict and many of George’s Infantry friends died.

George and friends
Over the years George (first left) has made several visits to Malaya to pay homage to those who lay in eternal rest.

More photo contributions from George

Education centre
The nurses’ education centre in early 1970’s


Industrial therapy
The industrial therapy unit in early1970’s


Aughton Court
Aughton Court Hospital
This hospital was part of the Middlewood group and was formerly known as Aston Hall. It was built in approximately 1872 as a large private residence. It was taken over by Middlewood in 1948 and had 62 beds for mentally handicapped female patients


Social club
The staff social club at the hospital. This was a licensed place with regular activities


Bed push appeal
A bedpush in aid of the Hillsborough Football Disaster Appeal. It was organised by Elizabeth Gosling (centre) and Irene Remington (left). The ‘bed’ was push from the hospital into the Sheffield City centre and back. It raised £ 280 for the appeal. Shown in the photo are Ward 2 staff and night staff. June 1989


Newspaper article
The closure of Middlewood Hospital, as reported in the Sheffield Star Newspaper on 13/06/96. Click here to read the full report
Copyright of above article belongs to the Sheffield Star Newspaper.


Middlewood library
Middlewood Library. Sue Western (right) the librarian, toasting her successor Mandy Wood. This library was originally opened back in 1950/51 and was a focus of social and educational activity, attracting many visitors and readers. In June 1989 Sue Western left the library for a new post as hospital librarian at the Northern General hospital.

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