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Just after George Hodgson retired from Middlewood, he went round the hospital with his camera capturing the slow closure of the place.
George is very happy to share the following pictures which he took in November 1992.

Wharncliffe Hill
Wharncliffe Hill site which was demolished in 1989.


Queenswood Wards 25,26,27,28 & 29


Down this path is the main entrance to the Queenswood Building


Glenwood wards 30-31. Closed March 1996, moved to Grenoside.


Entrance to Glenwood building
This drive leads to Glenwood building,


The Church of the hospital.




Woodside’s wards 35, 36, 37 & 38. The bottom building is Northfield Clinic


Another view of the Woodside building.


Originally the Hospital Library
Middlewood library then used as the Occupational Health. As the hospital was slowly closing down it then became the Works Department


Kath Derwent at the Occupational Health.


Eastgate ward
This was originally the new Nurse Education Centre. It later became Eastgate, an acute ward.


Wards 1 to 8
The back of wards 1 to 8, and connected to the Administration Building. Wards 14 to 18 were at the other side of the building.


Canteen and Boutique. Formerly the entertainment hall containing the cinema before TV arrived at Middlewood.


Works yard
Works Department and offices.


Boiler room
The massive boiler room that kept the hospital warm during the cold.


Ward 14
Front of wards 14, 15 & 17. MRC building just in front of it.


Back entrance to wards
Back entrance of wards 15, 16, 17, 18


Back entrance to wards
Back entrance of wards 15, 16 & 18


Boiler house
The building at the back showing three chimnenies is the boiler house and works yard




George used to have his tea breaks here
This was George's place where he had his tea breaks with his mates for 20 years


Collin and Ernest
Collin and Ernest in the Electrician room


Main laundry building above the electricians shop




These buildings were wards 23 & 24 for the mentally handicapped.
Patients here were moved to Northern General Hospital. These wards later were taken by the O. T. Department.


Last Christmas party
The last Christmas staff dinner at canteen


Christmas dinner


Christmas dinner


Christmas dinner


Christmas dinner


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