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The following photos and illustrations were provided by Brian Holford who worked at the hospital for many years, he was a Nurse at the hospital and later became Nurse Tutor. Brian retired from the service in 1994.

Please note that some of the illustrations displayed on this gallery are too large to be in included in one single gallery. To view these in full, click on the corresponding link.

Education Centre
Student nurses looking at projector. Harold Johnson, Principal Tutor talking to a group of student nurses at Middlewood School of nursing. In the early 1970s students attending training lessons were expected to wear their uniforms


Bill Shuck with retirement gift
Gift presentation to Bill Shuck (right) at his retirement party in March 1978 with Mike Canny.


Nurse examination paper 1935
 This is an exam paper for the nursing certificate in 1935. One of the questions asked is, Describe an attack of petit mal?
To read the full exam paper click here


The Queenswood building during demolition. Approx. 1992.


This is the front of the Kingswood building.


Another view of the building during demolition. Approx. 1992


Middlewood in 1858
This is just a section of the Middlewood map in 1858. The map illustrates the area before the Asylum was built.
Click here to see the full map.


Middlewood map in 1893
This is just a small section of the hospital in 1905. At the time it was called 'South Yorkshire Lunatic Asylum'. This map in its original format contains fine detail of the place, even the number of trees and the cricket ground are included. If you wish to view the entire size of the map click here


Parole conditions in 1959
In 1959 patients who were kept in confined enclosure or locked wards, conditional ‘Parole’ was granted subject to certain rules. One of the rules prohibited the patient to mix with other patients of the opposite sex.


Victorian nurses
Victorian nurses.


Nurses pay scale leaflet
This is the front of the leaflet indicating the official pay scale for Hospital Nursing Staff in 1974. At the time an 18 year old Nurse Auxiliary basic wage was just £816. What would be the starting salary for a newly qualified Nurse? Click here to read the inside of the leaflet.


Last photo of Middlewood Nursing School before transferring to Northern General Hospital. (back row L to R) Brian Holford, Pat Sykes, Pete McAndrews, Joe Kellet, Howard Bottom and Joe Travis.


Staff striking at the hospital gates in July 1982. The row about staff not accepting a 4% wage increase.


Mental Treatment rules
This document printed in 1930 was issued to new nurses starting work at the hospital. It clearly identifies the key information needed to be recorded when admitting patients to the hospital. Some of the information needed at the time was whether the patient was subject to epilepsy, suicidal or was a danger to others. Click here to read the full context of this original document.


Middlewood in 1919
The map of Middlewood and surrounding areas in 1919. In this year the asylum was no longer an isolated institution. New Roads
and houses were being built next to the hospital. See the map showing the entire area in detail here
You will see that the current Middlewood Road was still called 'Langsett Road' at the time.


Examination paper. November 1947
The nurse examination paper in November 1947. There are several questions here. One of them asks to explain the aims of occupational therapy? And how would you employ the patients in a ward for disturbed cases? To read the rest of the questions. Click here


Click here to read full article  Click here to read full article  Click here to read full article
These are some of the local headlines about the hospital as reported in the Sheffield Star Newspaper.
Click on the image to read the full article.


Middlewood float
This is the Middlewood float representing the hospital during the Mayor's Parade in 1982.


Middlewood team
This is the Middlewood team setting off to Saxondale Hospital to participate in the ‘May Trophy Competition’
L to R Gary Graham, Arianne Powel, Jean Holford, David Thomas, Peter Halpin and Sophia Benson. May 1979.


Bill Kirk
The retirement of Bill Kirk in April 1982, with a record service of 40 years.


Harry and Alice
Harry Watson, Electricians Dept. with his wife Alice, an Assistant Cook on their joint retirement presentation in June 1982. Harry had clocked up 27 years service and Alice 34 years as a P/T Asst. Cook.


Exam paper 1934
This is the nurse examination paper from May 1934. Student nurses sitting at the exam had to answer
various questions including the question. What patients are likely to commit suicide? Detail the precautions taken to prevent this.
Click here to read the full paper.


New Mental Unit
Under construction the new mental illness unit at Northern General Hospital in June 1979.
Once completed, it will accommodate 190 beds with extensive rehabilitation and educational facilities.


Citizens Advice Bereau
The Citizens Advice Bureau of the hospital giving advice about the introduction of the new sickness form. From 14th June 1982, the sick have to use the new form called ‘Self-Certificate’. Sheffield Employers representatives have called the new regulations the ‘Skiver’s Charter’ “We think it may just mean more problems for people already suffering from sickness or injury. Making a claim for sickness benefit may be more difficult, and it becomes more of a problem to prove to an employer that you are sick”


Alan Ashforth
This is 33 year old Alan Ashforth from Middlewood Joiners Department in June 1982. Alan successfully completed his first ever marathon in London on 9th May. Alan finished the marathon in 3 hours 48


Woodland Cottage
This is the former residence of the head gardener situated at the top of Wharncliffe Hill. It will soon become ‘Woodland Cottage’, it has been adapted to accommodate eight patients as a pre-discharge unit. October 1975.


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