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The following set of photographs extracted from the Hospital magazine printed in summer 1965. This is the year when the hospital opened a Bank branch in the Administration building. Also, the magazine reported the current condition of the Petrified Forest within the hospital site was slowly crumbling away in their dilapidated huts. Within the pages of the magazine it was also printed an article about ..."The joy of Parole Patients released on parole privilege after probably years behind locked doors, and amid many and not always congenial people".  Magazine supplied by Sharon Booth.

The hospital winning team of 1964-65
The hospital football team are League Championships for the third time in 1964-65.


Opening day
This is the opening of the new counter of the Midland Bank Ltd at the hospital.
Left to Right — Mr Booth, Mr Sewell, Mr Woodward and Mr Marsden


First day of business
The Bank at the hospital opened in April 1965. It was located on the administration corridor approaching the male wards. The Bank was used by all sections of staff and by suitable patients. It had full routine banking services including the purchase of Travellers Cheques and foreign currency for a holiday abroad. On the photo (L to R) Mr Woodward (Bank Cashier). Mr Booth (Treasurer M.H.V.A.). Mr Marsden (Manager Midland Bank Hillsborough). Coun. Mr Sewell (J.P.)


Mr Hadfield (left)
After a long service in the Sports Club Mr Hadfield retires. On the photo: Mr Hadfield (left) is receiving a cheque from the Hospital Secretary.


The Pastures Hospital team in 1965. The team was the runners-up in the League Championships.


Amateur play
Hospital Amateur play. These are the brave staff members who acted on the play called 'Wanted One Body'.
Few people seem to realise how much courage a naturally shy person needs in order to even walk on stage and yet many shy people do a competent job of amateur acting. Lines that seem funny at rehearsal often fail to get a laugh and the really serious stuff is often a source of disconcerting merriment.


Hospital playMr Sewell, J.P.



« Scene from play. The lady in the picture is Sister Winifred Shuck who had the very difficult job of portraying two very nasty sisters and to provide the horror in an otherwise funny play. She also had the unsatisfactory job of making the audience hate her and did it competently.


Councillor Mr Sewell, Chairman of the Hospital Management Committee »  A Yorkshireman who served in the First World War, and for two years was with the Army Occupation in Germany, finally settling in Sheffield in 1926





The following set of original photographs also provided by Sharon Booth.

Hospital Lodge
The Lodge in July 1954.


Hut at Weigh Lodge
The hut outside Weigh Lodge.


Looking out over the field at the back of the hospital Lodge. July 1954


Lamentos garden
'Lamentos Garden' near the main entrance.


Philip   Edith and Philip
(Left Pict.) This is Philip, Sharon Booth's father.    (Right Pict.) Edith, Sharon's grandmother, and Philip in the garden of Weigh Lodge


Philip   Philip holding a rabbit
(Left Pict.) Philip.  (Right Pict.) Philip and Edith.
Both photographs taken in the garden of Weigh Lodge.


Occupational Therapy
The Occupational Therapy. Staff and patients displaying some of the equipment used at the time in the department.


More contributions from Mrs Shuck.

Gala day in 1971
Fancy dress at the Staff Social Club's August Gala in 1971.


St Michael R.C. Club
This is the 'St Michael R. C. Club' entertaining patients and staff at the hospital in summer 1966.


People dancing
People dancing to the above band in the patient's social club.


Annual sale of work in 1967
Members of the Middlewood Hospital Visitors' Association busy at the Sunshine Club stall during the Annual Sale of Work in 1967.


The church of the hospital
The side of the church during summer time.


Lord and Lady Mayoress
The Lord and Lady Mayoress of Sheffield visiting the wards of the hospital and...

Industrial Unit
...the Industrial Unit in 1967.


York visitors
Visitors from the York School of Occupational Therapy in spring 1967.


Mobile Boiler
Mobile boiler entering Middlewood in 1968.
This massive boiler has two functions: to be available in case of an emergency for movement to any hospital in the region, secondly, for pre-arranged use as a standby boiler for planned maintenance. It was for this latter function that the boiler operated at Middlewood.


The boiler in action
The mobile boiler in action.
A major steam main was being replaced in the hospital and the use of the mobile boiler greatly facilitated the operation. To those who would welcome a little technical information, it was coal fired, and to convert water to steam, it was boiled at 212°C. It also had a feed water tank with capacity of 1,300 gallons.


Fire-damaged Industrial Unit
The fire-damaged Industrial Unit in 1968.
In spite of the tremendous setback which the fire caused, production was only impeded for a few days. Work was reallocated to the Main Occupational Therapy Centre and in other places within the Hospital.



The following contributions are from Wendy Green who started work in the hospital's Catering Department in November 1974.


Middlewood Times. 1985Catering Department
Colourful "send-off" for Mavis (centre of picture, holding flowers). As printed in the Middlewood Times in 1985.
Mrs Mavis Abel, Restaurant Services Supervisor was given a wonderful cabaret farewell present in the Friendship Club.
Back row: Barry Holland, Ann Siddons, Mavis Abel, Christine Blaze, Debby Wright, Joanne Dawson and Wendy Green.
Front row: Christopher Greathead, Ian Morton, Geoffrey Teague and Mark Bell.


K. B. Jones packing his cake
Mr K. B. Jones makes sure his cake arrives home safely at the League of Friends Annual Sale of Work, which
raised a magnificent £1,200. Helping at the cake stall is Mary Ellis from the O. T. Department.



Souvenir Edition
Some of the following photographs were included in the Hospital Souvenir which was published in June 1995 on the occasion
of the 120th Anniversary of Middlewood Church.  Supplied by Wendy Green

Kingswood in early 1900's
Kingswood in early 1900's


Entertainment Hall
The Entertainment Hall at the beginning of the 20th century.


Middlewood Church
Middlewood Church.


Interior of Church
The interior of Middlewood Church arranged for a Harvest Thanksgiving Service in 1954.


Nurses and Matron
Nurses and Matron 1907


Industrial Unit
Making bowsaws in the Industrial Unit.


During closure of Middlewood, many patients arrived here at Beighton which opened in 1992.


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