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X-ray room
In 1935 the Asylum becomes 'Middlewood Hospital'   Picture supplied by John Gabbitas
A brand new building was added for admissions with accommodation for 138 patients in male and female wings, including a separate convalescent villa at each end. The new block provided facilities for a Dental room, Lecture Room, Library, X-ray room, Photography Room, Electrical and other forms of treatment. These new facilities were also available for the general public and provided medical and surgical cases.


Surgical room

The declared purposes of the hospital was to received, study and treat all newly admitted patients, whether voluntary, temporary or certified, with a view to separating those whose prospect of cure appeared hopeful from those whose prospects were not so favourable, and effecting a cure without having to enter the Institution proper.


X-ray room
The new X-ray room.   Picture supplied by John Gabbitas

Under the Mental Treatment Act of 1930, patients could enter the mental hospital voluntarily and without the odium of legal certification. The Act also introduced an entirely new category of admission which enabled a mentally confused person to enter the hospital as a temporary patient on medical recommendation, and receive treatment for as long as twelve months if necessary.


Hospital Badge
This is the hospital Visitor's Association badge.  
The group was founded in December 1953 because there was a high proportion of the psycho geriatric patients who were not visited. The Association received strong support from relatives and friends of the hospital and in a very short time the voluntary service was extended to the whole hospital. — The programme of activities included friendly visits to unvisited and lonely patients, the provision of transport for frail relatives wishing to visit the hospital, the organisation of ward social and cinema shows, and the supply of gifts, extra comforts and other amenities to meet the special needs of patients or staff.



Royal visit
King George V on the grounds of the Wharncliffe War Hospital visiting wounded soldiers of the First World War, in September 1915.


Stamp of King George V in 1915.


Royal visit
King George V visiting Wharncliffe Hospital in September 1915.


Middlewood Hospital
Large vacant building in early 1990's


Funeral At Wadsley Church
Funeral taking place at Wadsley Church in April 1923. The people in white are hospital staff, this large gathering indicates that the deceased person may have been a prominent figure at the time. The graveyard at Wadsley Church was also the place where over 800 patients from the Asylum were buried. Currently there is nothing on the site which marks their identity.  Photo supplied by Dorothy Staniford.


Hospital staff
Hospital staff.   Photo supplied by Dorothy Staniford


The church of the hospital, January 2010.


Main door to church, January 2010.


Patient.  ©Copyright BBC Television 1974


Patient receiving medication.  ©Copyright BBC Television 1974


Hospital lounge.  ©Copyright BBC Television 1974


Drug Administration
Administration of medication.   ©Copyright BBC Television 1974


Nurse and Consultant
Nurse and Consultant.   ©Copyright BBC Television 1974


Gloomy places.   ©Copyright BBC Television 1974


Patient put to sleep prior to Electric Convulsive Therapy, also known as ECT.   ©Copyright BBC Television 1974


Medical students
Medical students listening to Consultant.  ©Copyright BBC Television 1974


Clock tower.  ©Copyright BBC Television 1974


Industrial unit
Industrial Unit for the rehabilitation of long-stay patients.  ©Copyright BBC Television 1974
In 1961 a large industrial workshop was established. The former practice of regarding the ambulatory psychiatric patient as totally unemployable in industry proved to be untenable. A variety of jobs became available from several firms in Sheffield and was carried out in the industrial unit on a sub-contract basis. The unit was organised on the principal of approaching normal industrial conditions as closely as possible, so that patients could eventually become capable of earning a living outside the hospital again.


Kingswood building
Patient walking in front of the Kingswood building.  ©Copyright BBC Television 1974


Hospital building
Windows and sanitary pipes.  ©Copyright BBC Television 1974


Car wash
Car wash.  ©Copyright BBC Television 1974
In 1965, a Car washing Unit was established in the old farm premises manned by male patients who provided an excellent service cleaning and polishing cars belonging to hospital staff and visitors in return for a moderate fee.


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